Downsizing 101


Downsizing, Rightsizing, What does it all mean?

What does the right sized home look like…to you? Not paint colors or roof material or shutters on the windows…those are frosting on the cake questions. It’s the interior floor plan, the flow of rooms and the ability to move freely without obstacles and hard turns. It’s easy access to storage, patio/deck and garage space. It’s that “homey” feeling when the house feels right and functions well.

Ask yourself a set of questions, Click on the link…..I gathered these based on my discussions with dozens people in similar situations as yours!

Set a time frame, schedule it like you would an appointment. Start with some Open Houses in new construction subdivisions. You can check out a variety of styles and locations and see what interests you. Those can usually be found in the free Real Estate books located in grocery store lobbies. A less stressful way would be to interview with a Real Estate Agent and find one that you are comfortable with…the buyer pays no fee for an agent to collect a list of available homes to see and it’s really a big help. They can sort by your preferences and accompany you…that protects you from being overwhelmed and gives you a resource to answer questions and narrow the field. This process will help you identify what will work for you in your retirement lifestyle. It’s FREE and it can be FUN.

Next week: Now that I know what I want, what’s next!


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